We didn’t return from Sicily (or, properly, Sicilia) with jazz souvenirs aside from an Italian jazz magazine with an article on guitarist and bandleader Lino Patruno.  One antique store owner promised me that he would have some jazz records for my perusal, but the artifacts didn’t materialize — which is perhaps all to the good, for if they turned out to be Kenny G or Grover Washington records, I would have suffered an irrevocable disappointment.

If this were a travel blog, I would wax rhapsodic about the generous Sicilian character and the glorious food.  But as far as jazz is concerned, what we heard we provided ourselves, and it was a delicious experience to drive up and down curving mountain roads with Joe Wilder and Benny Carter, Bill Charlap, Ruby Braff and George Barnes seeming to applaud and echo the beauties we found at every turn.   Jimmy Rowles and Joe Pass (on a Pablo CD, Checkmate) sounded just right.

2 responses to “SICILIAN JAZZ?

  1. Laurie Rozakis

    Ah, c’mon, Michael, give us a taste of the food. Wasn’t the gelato as glorious as I’d said?

  2. So when are you going to visit New Orleans? I think there’s also a English conference there next year so you could kill two birds (Byrds?) with one stone.

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