Candid portraits taken from the ideal vantage point — a barstool right in front of the band:

Matt Munisteri (guitar) and Harvey Tibbs (trombone) deep in thought at a medium tempo.

Brad Shigeta (trombone), Marty Elkins (vocal), Greg Cohen (bass), Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet), Stanley King (washboard). Notice that both Brad and Jon-Erik have mutes in their horns — essential for growling, although not at the audience or each other!

Greg, Jon-Erik, Orange Kellin (clarinet), Matt

One response to “THE EAR INN, APRIL 6

  1. Stan King, hi. When you were in Brisbane, Australia, you had a blow with Bob Barnard and me (Wayne Moore, trombone) at the Gold Coast Internatioonal Jazz Festival, organised by Dr Mileham Hayes. I have DVD of it which features you quite a bit. Send me an email with your postal address and Ill send the DVD to you. I am coming over to NYC in late December and would love to catch up with you and have a blow. Will have my mouthpiece but not a trombone.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Wayne Moore

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