Daily Archives: August 2, 2008


The Beloved, who Knows Things, told me about “Google Alerts”: I could enter any words or names I wanted into a simple form and then get an email from Google whenever they appeared on the web (once a day, as they happen, or every week).  No ads, no identity theft.  And it’s easier to do than it is to read about.  I was characteristically skeptical, but now, whenever someone online mentions Louis (frequently), Lester, Ruby, or Sid, I know.  Hugely reassuring.  Some of what surfaces is trivial, but this morning I was Alerted to an extraordinary website: THE EVANSVILLE BONEYARD

That’s Evansville, Indiana. 

A rather cryptic, even macabre title, granted. 

But these pictures are anything but cryptic. 


I find the second one — shock and sorrow too sharp for any place but the front page — especially moving.  Thanks to John Baburnich, the BONEYARD’s editor, for posting these irreplaceable artifacts of the man he calls an “Evansville Born Jazz Great” — which Sidney Catlett was.

I also found myself reading about other events in Evansville history — Mike the Headless Chicken and The Great Molasses Flood.  Neither story is for the faint of heart, but they are both engrossing.  A visit to THE EVANSVILLE BONEYARD  will amuse, enlighten, and exalt, even if it’s always too early in the day to read about headless chickens.