One of the great rewards of entering the Blogosphere is that I have gotten to meet some exceedingly talented people.  These encounters have been both online and in person.  A particular example is the gifted photographer John Herr, his work both precise and intuitive.  John hails from Syracuse, New York.  We met for the first time face to face at Chautauqua, and I’m delighted to present a few of his portraits here.  Notice how John not only captures the musicians in action, but also offers us a sense of the room, the stage, the audience.  Listen closely with your eyes.

John Sheridan, Bobby Gordon, Dan Block, Jon Burr, Randy Reinhart, Dan Barrett, John Von Ohlen.

Dan Barrett in full splendor.

James Dapogny, Marty Grosz, Vince Giordano, Bobby Gordon, Duke Heitger, Jon-Erik Kellso, Bob Havens.


  1. That’s a great line-up at Chautauqua.

    I was taping Maheu, Wellstood, and Marty Grosz in The Red Blazer on 2nd (not the Red Blazer ll – where I first heard Vince G., Sol Yaged et al) when in stroked Barrett and Reinhardt looking like a couple of hit men with violin cases. I lost the tape.
    Maheu still drools over my opera singer date that night.
    Herr might be interested to know that I was a long-time friend of well-known artist and photographer David X. Young, through whom I met many ‘Modern Jazz’ guys, Bop guys and guys like Kenny Davern, McKenna, Hackett, et al. I supplied CNN with the material for their program 10 years ago called “The Jazz Loft”.

    I was a friend of Zoot’s whom I first listened to at the Half-Note on Hudson St. when I was about 16 (Al, too). I listened to him and Al again at the Half-Note on West 54th (across the street from Ryan’s and Condon’s – what a cornucopia), and a lot of places in between. The last time I saw him was in a big church on 5th where he naturally got a standing ovation. He saw me back about 15 pews, waved and yelled: “Hey, man”.

    I air all of the above and more like ’em on the radio.

    As that great Bria Skonberg says: “Keep on keepin’ on”.
    (Bria of course is the old lady – at age 24 – of that wonderful Mighty Aphrodite all-girl Jazz Band.(I used to listen to a 15 piece (ahem) all-girl string swing band at Mikell’s) And since I found Bria’s favorite is Hackett, whom I listened to live about 20 times one summer on the Cape, I play even more Hackett on the air natch)
    So, KOKO.

  2. I met John at some NJ Jazz Society concerts and immediately stopped taking pictures when he offered to send his beautiful work. John’s close-ups are particularly poignant. His work does more than help my wife and I recreate the atmosphere of the event — the close-up pictures provide an intimacy that wasn’t available from the vantage point of our seats.

    John shared some pics with me at Chautauqua and my admiration continues to build.

    John, keep up the great work!

  3. Nice to read your comments! John is indeed a splendid man with a camera. RD, you call on sacred names, and you reminded me of seeing a Hackett group at the uptown Half Note, which didn’t last long. He was beyond compare and beyond cliche. You mention the David X. Young material: I saw the photos featured in DOUBLETAKE and bought the JAZZ LOFT CD set, hoping that more of the music would eventually come out. Do you think it ever will?

    Anyway, KOKO is a good motto for all of us. With thanks —

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