Having just checked the statistics for this blog, I find that the number of hits (the number of times someone other than myself has visited these pages) has just reached TEN THOUSAND.

For some blogs, that accomplishment would be a small yawn, one limp French fry left on the plate.  But since I began blogging only seven months ago, I am proud of that number.  And I just wanted to thank those people who have come to see what I’ve been writing about, living hot jazz and the people who play it.  Thanks to WordPress for making this easy and encouraging!

My blog thanks you, my stats thank you, and I thank you.  And I thought that the Ellington label would be an apt symbol of collective joy.

More to come!

4 responses to “JUBILEE STOMP!

  1. woohoo! congrat’s!
    That IS something of which to be proud
    (notice I found a way not to end the sentence with “of,” hehe, wouldn’t wanna do that to a teacher).
    Glad this has been an effective way to spread the gospel according to Steinman.

  2. “Start me with ten who are stouthearted men
    And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more!”


  3. Dear Jon-Erik,

    As Winston Churchill once said, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.

  4. Hiya Stompy–
    That’s a classic; one that I’m a fan of.

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