This morning, over coffee, I was perusing a new CD catalogue that, of course, lists the song titles, when my eye fell on this favorite, associated with Ted Lewis;


Oh, how I wish I could draw!  But then the authorities would shut this blog down for indecency.

One response to “JAZZ MANGLISH 4

  1. Funny you should quote the title ‘WHEN MY BABY SMILE SAT ME’ because while
    in Germany touring recently the band used ‘I double Dare You’ to close the first
    half with vocal by brilliant UK trumpeter Enrico Tomasso, Other band members tried to implant the line ‘I double Dare You to
    sit on my face’ into Enrico’s mind so he would sing it. I am not sure if this was
    achieved as I had to leave before the tour ended. It was fun at the time, muttering those words to Rico over each meal.
    The only response I heard was Rico muttering something about integrity.

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