You won’t want to miss this triple-feature.  At 8, pianist Ehud Asherie and reedman Dan Block will embark on an hour of duets, introspective to fiercely swinging.

Visual aids: a photograph of Ehud at the piano, taken by your humble correspondent.  Dan Block and Harry Allen (in that order), photo by J. Elkins. 

At 9:30 and 11, “The Italians are coming!  The Italians are coming!”

Don’t be alarmed, though: these Italians are extraordinary jazz players, led by the inspiring pianist Rossano Sportiello — someone we hope to hear on a regular basis in New York City.  Rossano’s friends — as he tells me — are the noble bassist Joel Forbes (he’s the “silent J” of BED), Luca Santaniello on drums, and “two fantastic young Italian brothers, Luigi and Pasquale Grasso, alto sax and guitar.  They are only 22 and 20, but they play the most amazing stuff.  They are students of Barry Harris since they were babies!”

Smalls lives up to its name, so be sure to get there early.  It’s on 183 West Tenth Street, near Seventh Avenue South (

And here’s Rossano Sportiello, characteristically cheerful, in a photo by Duncan Schiedt:

2 responses to “THURSDAY NIGHT AT SMALLS (October 16)

  1. Unlike other technically gifted pianists I could name (but won’t), Rossano never interrupts the music’s flow for unrelated ornamentation or rapid scale-playing; his prodigious technique is always at the service of the music. He can rhapsodize with the best of them, and when he starts striding he brings down the house. No ‘phantom stride’ for Rossano; even at the fastest tempi, every note is there. Bravo, Rossano!

  2. Hi Dan:

    I am trying a get a copy of your cd tribute to Irving Berlin. Please email and let me know how to obtain this. P.S. I am old friend of y0ur cousin Joe Schwab in St. Louis. Thanks, Dwight

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