Two Sundays ago, October 26, I took my little pal Flip downtown to document the musical happiness at Sweet Rhythm, where Jon-Erik Kellso and Friends were starting a new gig.  Jon-Erik was in fine happy form with Chuck Wilson on alto, Ehud Asherie on piano, Kelly Friesen on bass, and a surprise — Andy Swann on drums.

Why a surprise?

Well, I hope that readers know, applaud, and admire Jon-Erik, Ehud, and Kelly by now, and Chuck has been a standout at Jazz at Chautauqua as well as in the fabled ABQ (Alden-Barrett Quartet).  I had never met Andy, but his name rang a bell: as one of the uniquely hot Australians, he has graced a number of Bob Barnard’s jazz parties, and his swinging work has lifted sessions you can hear on the long series of Nif Nuf CDs.  He is thoughtful and hot; he gets a variety of sounds out of his set, with brushwork that reminds me of Denzil Best (a great compliment).  This was a wonderful quartet before he joined them — Ehud and Kelly meshed like ideal partners, as did Jon-Erik and Chuck.  But Andy’s drums added something special.

Here, for your listening and dancing pleasure, is a wondrous version of THERE’LL BE SOME CHANGES MADE, a song chosen for its swinging persistence as well as its barely-concealed political implications.  Condon and McKenzie didn’t have Election Day on their minds in the OKeh studios in 1927, but some of us do.  Whatever your political persuasion, though, this is the kind of change (and changes) we all can approve of.

Sweet Rhythm, to remind everyone, is a small friendly nook of a club at 88 Seventh Avenue South between Grove and Bleecker (on the east side of the street): check out for details.  I hope to be there next Sunday, with Jon-Erik and his friends.  See you there!  A $10 cover takes care of everything.

A postscript: Jon-Erik, Ehud, Kelly, and Andy swung out last Sunday, with Will Anderson (of Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks) on reeds — with a variety of sitters-in.  I wasn’t there, but my spies tell me that the music was splendid.


  1. A medley while awaiting the election results:

    “I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed”

    “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise”

    If you’ll allow a little poetic license (I just had mine renewed yesterday): “Red Turning Blue Over You”

    “I Want To Be Happy”


  2. I enjoyed Stompy Jones’s list of songs apropos of the election. Regardless of who is elected, the quartet BED (I am the “D” in the name) has resolved to begin performing “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead” just after the inaugural.

    All the best,

    Dan Barrett

  3. By the way, I very much enjoyed the video clip of Jon-Erik, Chuck Wilson, Ehud, Kelly, and Aussie Andy in action. While it’s always nice to see and hear players in informal clips like this one, I would remind readers that in addition to the gigs they play, professional musicians rely on CD (and now DVD) sales for their income. I would encourage those of you who enjoyed this video clip (for free) to now go to one of their websites, and purchase one (or more!) of their CDs or DVDs.

    Thanks to those of you who continue to support the cause!


    Dan Barrett
    Itinerant Jazz Trombonist

  4. My post-election medley:


    “It’s A Great Day”

    “At Last”

    “This Could Be The Start Of Something Big”

    “It’s Been A Long, Long Time”

    “Tonight I Shall Sleep With A Smile On My Face”

    “It’s A Great Feeling”

    “America The Beautiful”

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