The first clip, merging DARK EYES and ST. LOUIS BLUES,  is from 1936 and features Jerome Darr (guitar), Bruce Randolph (kazoo), Arthur Brooks (piano), Len Harrison (spoons), Harold Randolph (kazoo), Derek Neville (alto sax), and Bruce Johnson (washboard).

In this 1933 clip (very brief), the Serenaders treat us to a wild “A SHANTY IN OLD SHANTY TOWN.”

They didn’t have the finesse of the great bands of the period, but they are incendiary in their own fashion.  Thanks to the wondrous singer and musical thinker Melissa Collard for pulling my coat to these YouTube clips.


  1. Doesn’t sound like “Shanty.”

  2. Michael & fans – these guys are a quintessential part of our heritage and so easily dismissed. I discovered the Washboard Rhythm Kings back in the days of the 10″ LP and have never recovered. What they have all the time is the element so easily lost. They’re truly HOT (often faked). It all hangs out 24/7. THANKS !!…sam parkins

  3. Hi,

    I have a genuine autographed picture of The Washboard Serenaders – do you know where I can get this valued?

  4. Also of Earl Hines, Jack Teagaden and Louis Armstrong?

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