That’s “My Blue Heaven,” played sweetly and almost lazily by Andy Schumm on cornet, Brad Kay on piano, Dave Bock on tuba, and Josh Duffee on drums.

It was recorded on March 14, 2008, at the Bix Beiderbecke Birthday Tribute in Racine, Wisconsin.

This foursome understands that capturing Bix’s essence — simultaneously sad and ebullient, musing and propulsive, has less to do with playing the notes and copying the familiar phrases than with understanding his spirit, which they do with reverence and affection.  All four of them have wonderful musical pedigrees, and I would call your attention to Brad’s winding, thoughtful piano — harmonically deep but always mobile.  Josh Duffee keeps splendid time in a timeless way.  Dave Bock I knew only as a trombonist, but here he wields his tuba with grace.  He and Andy impressed me tremendously at last year’s Jazz at Chautauqua, where they were billed as “the Bixians,” which they are.  And Andy?  Andy Schumm has got it.  No question there, and the music, thanks to Walter Donaldson and other gracious spirits, is as near to heavenly as we will get.

6 responses to “JAZZ HEAVEN: ANDY, BRAD, DAVE, JOSH (2008)

  1. Rob Rothberg

    Great stuff, and all the more reason to look forward to next week’s Bixfest. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds great, i can’t get enough of it. thanks for sharing!

    if you like jazz im hoping you like motown too. im a huge motown fan… obviously =] so fyi
    its motowns 50th anniversary and if you go to amazon you can enter to win a trip to Chicago or Memphis! i already entered lol


    its a awesome chance to see great entertainment at the birthplaces of Stax and Chess Records

  3. Gee thanks. I’ve often wondered how Louis Armstrong fathered an endless school of trumpet playing and Bix didn’t, ‘though years of playing with Dick Sudhalter, who often did it well indeed – should have taught me. It’s just too hard. The music is too transparent – as Lennie (Bernstein) said about Haydn, “There’s no place to hide” , These cats remind me that – yes – it CAN be done…sam p

  4. I saw Josh Duffee play with The New Wolverines in August 2008 as they did a tribute concert to Bix for our Tri-State Jazz Society. He is one outstanding young man. I hope someday to get to Davenport to see him in person again.

  5. More of these guys at: http://www.youtube.com/victorcornet21
    It’s always a pleasure to see them play, and get the chance to film them.

  6. There’s more of these guys at:

    Happy to see they were featured. They are a talented bunch and are always a pleasure to film.

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