This YouTube gem is taken from an appearance (on French television?) in 1980 by the Concord All-Stars: Warren Vache, Jr., on cornet and flugelhorn; Scott Hamilton, tenor; Dave McKenna, piano; Cal Collins, guitar; Michael Moore, bass; Jake Hanna, drums.  Their TEA FOR TWO turns into a late-swing line by Coleman Hawkins (its name eludes me — is it BEAN SOUP or BEAN STALKIN’?).  What impresses me here is how young everyone once was.  The living members of this combo (McKenna and Collins having left us) are still sustaining us, fortunately.

4 responses to “TAKE TEA AND SEE

  1. sam parkins

    Lordy !! Heros all. Made crazy all over again by Dave McKenna since I had the duty of listening to him every night, summer of ’59 – a lifetime favorite; Scott’s sinuous tenor – a joy for an old Websterian like me. And ears most glued to Michael Moore, last heard in a duo recording session with Roger Kellaway. A man of the spirit, and it shows in his playing. 1) WOW; 2) THANKS !! — sam p

  2. It’s Coleman Hawkins’ “Bean Soup”, first recorded in LA, March 9, 1945 by that proto-boppish group with Howard McGhee, Allen Reuss, Sir Charles Thompson, John Simmons (who played instead of Oscar Pettiford) on bass and Denzil Best.

    Best regards,
    Agustín Pérez

  3. By the way, I have a wonderful disc of the Concord All Stars from a few years later (“Ow! Jazz Festival In Japan ’87”) which still has Scott Hamilton and Warren Wache Jr. in the front line, adding trombonist Dan Barrett and tenor saxophonist Red Holloway, and with a different rhythm section, except for the great Dave McKenna. Absolutely recommended!


  4. I just got to hear Warren Vache live in person at the Pee Wee Russell Stomp in Whippany NJ at the Briarwood Manor on March 1st. It was a distinct pleasure to hear him and his trio while watching the outstanding dancing going on.

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