Even bathed in unearthly purple stage lights, Ruby Braff and Dick Hyman — recorded for British television circa 1990 — still amaze and delight.  “High Society” indeed!

3 responses to “HIGH SOCIETY

  1. that’s wild how Hyman triggered the player piano from the organ! cool, thanks.

  2. Though I’m not a trumpet player, not even a musician, I guess that playing something like the original Alphonse Picou clarinet solo (with those intricate sixteenth note phrases) on trumpet/cornet must be very difficult, even for a magnificent musician such as Ruby Braff.

    By the way, the Braff-Hyman discs are, of course accompanied by the Braff-Larkins, in my personal pantheon of trumpet/cornet + piano jewels, which has the Armstrong-Hines as the “true religion”.

    Best regards,

  3. Oh Lordy – some inner circuit always lights up when Dick beholds – let alone plays – an organ. And I have trouble finding a peer (other than Louis) for Ruby …THANKS !! …sam p

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