Six minutes, that is.

Two trumpets, two trombones, two banjos, one piano, one drummer, eager happy dancers, “Some of These Days,” sheer pleasure.  I recognize Andy Schumm, cornet; Dave Bock, trombone; Paul Asaro, piano, Leah Bezin, banjo, and Josh Duffee, drums, but would like help with the other gifted players.  Do you think they would come to my apartment and jam if I asked nicely and had canned drinks for everyone?

P.S.  Mike Durham came to the rescue: “Other players in Six for Bix are Brad Kay, trumpet, Frank Galtieri, trombone and Jacob Ullberger, banjo (visiting from Sweden).”

5 responses to “SIX FOR BIX: A JAM SESSION

  1. Hi, Just wanted to make a correction on the trumpet player on the “Six for Bix” jam. It’s Yves Francois from the Chicago area. Brad Kay, unfortunately, wasn’t able to join us this year. We missed him!

  2. Actually, we sure missed Mike Durham, too! Hope he’ll be able to be back with us soon!

  3. Oh, thank you! I thought that he surely didn’t look or sound like Brad Kay, but I was willing to be convinced otherwise . . . .

  4. You’re welcome! 🙂

  5. I was one of the eager happy dancers!
    Bridget Calzaretta, Andy Vaaler, and Karen Jones.

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