Who else could it be?  Louis, obviously delighting in the rocking propulsion of saxophonist Max Greger’s big band, enjoying himself on German television.  Although the routines Louis created with the All-Stars made him extremely comfortable, he outdid himself when fronting a first-class big band.

I saw it happen on American television — perhaps the Merv Griffin Show, circa 1970, when he did “What A Wonderful World” before the commercial break, and came back to perform a truly exultant “Jeepers Creepers” afterward — in front of a studio band full of jazz players (Jimmy Cleveland and Bill Berry among them).  I hope someone finds that clip, which begins with the band warming up after the break, Louis telling them, “That’s the scales! The fish will come later!”


  1. Rob Rothberg

    If that’s the “Jeepers Creepers” you dubbed for me when we were tots, Michael, the soloists were Bill Watrous and Danny Stiles. I might still have the cassette (unless it has disintegrated).

  2. Do look for it sometime, Rob. It might not live up to my memory, but I’d like to give it a chance. But a cassette from 1971 might well be just a vapor by now!

  3. I keep saying “Good Grief !!” And/but – I’ve noticed for years that when Louis is on I’m a little more alive that at any other time in the day…sp (I’m working on ‘Holy Moses’)

  4. What I really wanted to write, Sam, is “God bless Louis!” and then I realized that whatever Deity there might be (or not) already did. And us, by letting us record Louis in sound and action so that we could marvel.

  5. and in turn, Louis blessed us. Ain’t we lucky to have shared a century with him…sp

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