This is a wonderful young stomping band from Australia, playing PANAMA (a homage to the ferocious Luis Russell Orchestra of 1929-30) at a gig in Ireland.  If that doesn’t say that jazz is thriving, internationally, I don’t know what evidence would do it.  McQuaid is one of those youthful heroes who can play a shopful of instruments, in the fashion of the late Tom Baker.  Someone to watch (on YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook — he’s the very model of modernity even though he knows his jazz history from the inside)!


  1. Oh good grief !! It don’t GET hotter than that. And it not only ain’t over, early jazz is taking on new life – these wunderkinder are YOUNG. And a measurable number of women, including that stunning trombone. Maybe jazz had to leak out of the US to thrive like this…sp (note – there are high school trad bands in the Bay area around San Fran but we don’t hear about them back East)

  2. We are fortunate enough to have this band play at swing dance events in Melbourne. Incredible energy and much excitement! They have 2 CDs available – highly recommended!

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