My Italian is not so polished, but the title of this post means “Be back soon.”  Hence the photograph:sicilia-2008-ms-plus-yucatan-portraits-264

A year ago, the Beloved and I discovered Sicily — the land of wildflowers, blood oranges, brilliantly colored marzipan animals, wild asparagus, thrilling landscapes, grilled swordfish, wonderfully gracious people . . . .  I took the photograph of a sign that hung in the window of what appeared to be a consignment store, the closest thing to a thrift store we could find.  The sign was there for three days, then we gave up.  Perhaps it is still hanging there as I write this?

We are going back there — to some familiar places and several new ones — for a return trip, braving the hazards of the TSA, tiny airplane seats, packing, carrying, and so on.  So this blogpost is to say that we and this blog will BE BACK SOON.  Don’t forget any of us!

P.S.  I have my iPod, so Louis, Mark Shane, and Marty Grosz won’t be out of reach.

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