Courtesy of YouTube, Mr. Berigan from Fox Lake, Wisconsin, seen all too briefly in stellar form.

CHINA BOY: the Freddie Rich Orchestra in 1934 with Jimmy Dorsey, cl; Hank Ross, ts.  Who’s the pianist?

UNTIL TODAY: Bunny sings and plays with Rich in 1936:

“Bunny can’t do no wrong in music,” said Louis.  Grammatically unstable, aesthetically perfect.

9 responses to “A LITTLE BUNNY

  1. Stompy Jones

    Wow, great clips of one of my faves! What a sound Bunny had! Thanks.

    I also enjoyed Freddie Rich’s conducting technique, designed mainly to create a pleasant breeze for the instrumentalists.

  2. Life in the movies, as we know it, miles away from anything resembling reality! And Bunny and the boys are so exquisitely dressed: I couldn’t wear a white tuxedo like that for more than a minute, but I envy those who can and did.

  3. Did I see a “left handed” trumpet??

  4. If the first video is the performance included in the Extreme Rarities LP1008 entitled “Hot Jazz on Film – Vol. 4”, and according to Bruyninckx discography, it should be Rube Bloom on piano.


  5. The second video could be from the film “Song hits on parade”. If that’s the case, this performance of “Until Today” was included in the Extreme Rarities LP1002 entitled “Hot Jazz on Film”.

    Best regards,

  6. thnx so much, I love it very much… really great clips…

  7. The pianist is almost certainly Rube Bloom

  8. now if I could find Doug Mettome on a clip, my life would be complete

  9. I wonder if Mettome could be glimpsed in one of the clips of Woody’s band or perhaps BG’s? Until the bright day comes when we can see him play, I will content myself with the sessions he made with Nat Pierce for Vanguard (OLD TIME MODERN) and for Keynote, the latter on a vinyl issue I’ve never seen — but the music’s been reissued on a Fresh Sound CD bootleg Pierce collection. He was a splendid trumpet player! Cheers, Michael

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