Courtesy of “SFRaeAnn,” here’s just under five minutes of pure relaxed pleasure: Clint Baker and his Cafe Borrone All-Stars, recordeon on April 3 at Menlo Park, California, with Robert Young, C-meloody sax;  Leon Oakley, cornet;  Jim Klippert, trombone; Jason Vanderford,  guitar;  Monte Reyes, banjo; and Bill Reinhart, bass.  Visit Clint at:

I’m especially fond of this almost-forgotten tune (memorable to me because of a 1928 recording where Louis Armstrong backs Lillie Delk Christian) but this performance is special in itself.  No one rushes the tempo; no one gets loud or louder, and the musicians work together in a casual, affectionate understanding of what a band needs.  Great fun, and if you’re too busy for this, what can I say?

One response to “NEVER TOO BUSY . . .

  1. Nice Job!

    Banu Gibson recorded it with a vocal.
    The words are a kick!

    Listen to the Charlie Straight orchestra’s recording (~1928).

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