EDDIE CONDON, 1945, TOWN HALL (by Gjon Mili)


Had I a jazz time machine, the front row of Town Hall at this moment would be on the list of my musical Paradises.

From the left, courtesy of Gjon Mili and Ernie Anderson: Cozy Cole, perhaps James P. Johnson, Miff Mole, Benny Morton, Bobby Hackett, possibly Bill Coleman, Max Kaminsky, Muggsy Spanier, Ed Hall, PeeWee Russell, Ernie Caceres (on clarinet, too), Eddie Condon, leading the congregation, and Kansas Fields.  As I write this, the other musicians don’t reveal themselves, but I am sure my sharp-eyed readers will have educated surmises.

One response to “EDDIE CONDON, 1945, TOWN HALL (by Gjon Mili)

  1. Barbara Bengels

    Not only did you reveal your feelings and appreciation for Bobby Hackett but it was also a warm remembrance of your mom. It reminded me of all the times my projectionist dad would wake me up to give me brief clips of my favorite actors he had cut out from his 35mm movies. I don’t think the audience missed the 1/16th of a moment from the film but I surely loved having the movie frame–and the pleasure of knowing my father had done that for me.

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