TODAY’S SERMON (in under a minute)

carpe-diemAt work, I am surrounded by people who have made their job their life.  Devotion to one’s work is noble, but some of my friends have made themselves ill from stress.  So the gospel for today is the Latin motto.  To me, seizing the day isn’t about abandoning one’s responsibilities for self-absorption, but it does mean paying attention to the self.  While we’re young, as Alec Wilder wrote.

For me, carpe diem translates into making plans to go to the Whitley Bay Jazz Festival; for the Beloved, it means walking around the reservoir in Central Park.  And you?

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7 responses to “TODAY’S SERMON (in under a minute)

  1. Biking around the reservoir is almost as good – but the current cherry blossoms whip by awfully fast…sp

  2. Nancie Beaven

    For me it would be going to PA JAzz on Sunday to listen to Jim Fryer, Bria Skonberg, et al…..but circumstances won’t allow it…so I’ll walk around the Gables property in the sun listening to thier CD on my headset.

  3. Thanks U.M.! (For me it means watching the cows in my neighbor’s yard….and this week I’ve sure had time to do so!)
    With my new-found time (ha!) I hope that I’ll be better at being in touch with you soon. Lotsa love, Em

  4. Let’s see…for me that would include…
    going to New Orleans to play at and hang around during French Quarter Fest.

    Wait, I just did that!
    And the Mrs. and I carped several diems while there.

    It’s a beautiful thing when work and play can be the same thing! I am a lucky man, indeed.

  5. We New Yorkers are glad that you and the Mrs. are back, though. There are diems to be carped here, too . . . !

  6. Wow !! I don’t think that in all these years I ever carped a diem. BUT – I too had cows to watch, and of a warm summer midnight lit by a full moon went way up the hill in the neighbor’s pasture where 37 milkers wandered. I took a bent old alto an ungifted student gave me in lieu of money, sat on a stump and played the blues. Serious, moonlight-driven blues. Folks who know me note that I usually play with eyes shut. I opened my eyes, slowly returned to Earth – and about 20 feet away was a perfect semi-circle of a dozen + cows solemnly* digging the blues. {* Q: How does he know they were solemn?}

  7. Sam, we’ll take you at your word. Or is it herd? Seriously, the cows hadn’t ever had the blues played just for them and they were clearly digging it. I’d bet anything on it. Thanks for the story!

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