Bent Persson, the amazing trumpeter / cornetist, has a new band.  It includes Frans Sjostrom, the genius of the bass saxophone, the inimitable Morten Gunnar Larsen on piano, reedman Lars Frank, Kristoffer Kompen on trombone, and the versatile Jacob Ullberger on banjo and guitar.  (Lars and Kristoffer are new to me, so I haven’t invented adjectives for them, but they are fine players indeed.)

union-rhythm-kingsAnd here’s the link to the band’s MySpace page, where you can hear them romp through five selections from their debut CD on Herman Records:


A blog is about sharing pleasure as well as information: I hope I’ve fulfilled my moral obligations for the morning!

4 responses to “UNION RHYTHM KINGS

  1. A great band and a great debut CD – the producer, trygve Hernaes, asked me to write the booklet notes, and it was a real pleasure to oblige. Three of the guys (Persson, ullberger and Sjostrom are appearing at the Whitley Bay Jazz festival in July, along with 141 other classic jazz musicians from across Europe (and Australia!) – check it out at http://www.whitleybayjazzfest.org

    Mike D.

  2. Whitley Bay, Mike? It seems I’ve heard that name before — and going there is my Present to Myself for 2009 . . . . I spent the morning trying to arrange flights on Expedia! See you in July – – –

  3. These cats got it right – FRANS SJOSTROM is the closest to Rollini (including me) I ever heard; LARS FRANK exccept for some trills has studied Omer Simeon very well indeeed – and the main thing – like their models, they’re in no hurry. And Oh My ! – what a trombone !! As good as it gets nowadays..sp


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