“I’m walking on air,” Andy Razaf wrote, lyrics to a famous Fats Waller melody.  Me, too!

My generous jazz cyber-buddy Marc Myers* (of JAZZ WAX) just sent the good news.

The Jazz Journalists Association has announced the nominees for its 2009 awards, and JAZZ LIVES  –yes, what you are now reading — has been nominated as one of the Blogs of the Year.  (

“Fine!  Wonderful!  Perfect!” to quote Fats himself.   Everyone writes to be read or to be heard.  Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been doing both.  A special thank-you to the Beloved, who nudged me into the Blogosphere last February.

I’ll keep on blogging with even more pleasure.

*Marc, an extraordinary writer, a researcher, interviewer, and jazz detective, is nominated not only for his blog but for his journalism.  Swing, brother, swing!

P. S.   I took the photograph above — my idea of a vernal paradise — Sicily, last spring, probably near the hillside town of Enna.

23 responses to “IN THE CLOUDS

  1. Congratulations! No one deserves it more. Keep up the good work, my friend,


  2. Bill Gallagher

    That’s fantastic news! Wonderful!! Wonderful!!!

    If there’s any justice in this world, this award should be in the bag – and don’t forget to mention all “the little people” in your acceptance speech.

  3. Harumph: I said 40 years ago that Michael was one of the finest writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading and I have read most of canonical American and British lit and all of Shakespeare. What’s even better is that in addition to being a truly gifted writer, Michael is also gifted as a teacher and a friend. You richly deserve this nomination and the award, my friend, for your talent and greatness of heart.

  4. Danny Tobias

    Well done Michael!

  5. Somewhere, I hope, Whitney Balliett is smiling.

  6. THANK YOU, John, Danny, Bill, Ricky . . . . having such hip generous readers is all a blogger could hope for. I write for all of you, you know! Michael

  7. Nancie Beaven

    WOW!!!! so well deserved…we who love you and all you do are not surprised. (are you also trying to compete with *beloved* in the photo category? Nice Pix.)

  8. sam parkins

    Mazeltov of course, and they got it right. Alone among jazz writers you leave yourself out of the equation, leaving the ‘what it is’ pure.

    In honor of the equation – no no – OCCASION, dummy – and because Fats is already quoted: heard live on the radio from the Pump Room in Chicago, ’round 1940, on his daily 15 minute 1 PM spot – the master spake, saying, “I wonder what the poor people are doing? I wish I was doin’ it with them”…sp

  9. That’s great news, Michael! JazzLives is my first visited site when I turn on my PC. Really well deserved!

  10. André Growald

    You deserve it ! Receive my compliments from rather distant São Paulo, Brazil, for your continuous effort of making your readers happy everytime we read you !

    🙂 André

  11. Stompy Jones

    Bravo! And well deserved!

  12. Is gratifying in order to see the awarded quality learned.

  13. Rob Rothberg

    I join the congratulations, Michael. Thanks for sharing the joys of new music and unearthing new wonders in old music. Now tell me this: who did the nominating? Are we entitled to vote?

  14. Jeanie Wilson

    Barbara Lea and I are thrilled that you are being honored in this way, Michael and applaud your dedication! Your blog is fun, informative, passionate, well written and a joy to read (AND hear) each morning — something we look forward to. CONGRATS!

  15. Marianne Mangan

    Your place on many a Bookmark Bar was already assured, but official recognition is a wonderful thing. Congratulations, Michael, thank you and carry on!–mm

  16. hehe–funny–didn’t see ’til after that last post of mine that your latest blog is entitled, “Yeah, Man!”

    It’s a good all-purpose phrase.


  17. The expression that both Bing and Louis loved should be good enough for us! As always, Jon, you have your finger on the pulse of things. Cheers! Michael

  18. Ooooo Congrats Michael!

  19. Nice to see a shining star in the jazz and planetary firmament be so honored.

  20. I remember with grateful fondness your part in my aesthetic development, cut-out Verve by cut-out Commodore, and so on. Much appreciated, as you know! MS

  21. Marvelous! Congratulations, Michael!

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