Browsing idly through Ebay (or is it eBay?), I entered the search term “jazz autographs” to see what would emerge.  Of course a number of the items for sale were autographs of players for the Utah Jazz, but this one was much more relevant, even though I have no plans to start bidding for it — the suggested price is just under two thousand dollars.

The late Staff Sergeant Benson (“Ben”) Hardy was a jazz fan who carried his copy of Charles Delaunay’s NEW HOT DISCOGRAPHY with him in the late 1940s and got many musicians to sign the pages on which their records were listed.  My eye, of course, was drawn to the page below, signed in 1948:

Catlett autographSomething special and rare, I would suggest.  If you’re interested in seeing the other signatures (including Buddy Rich, Charlie Barnet, Kid Ory, Barney Bigard, Louis, Velma Middleton, Tommy Dorsey and other luminaries), look for “15- RARE-Vintage-BIG BAND-AUTOGRAPHS-Jazz Legensa-SIGNED.”  My man Agustin Perez Gasco helped me to find the working link, which is

Knowing that items tend to vanish from eBay, I would do it shortly — even if your finances are rather like mine.

5 responses to “BEN’S AUTOGRAPH BOOK

  1. And no, I’m afraid I will not be bidding on this, either. Gotta save up my pennies.

  2. Hi- I’ve got a piece that might be of interest- three signed photos framed and matted; It’s Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Tough and Sid Catlett, the latter two are inscribed to Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. Any thoughts on where/how to sell this? I hate to get rid of it, but need the money. Thanks! Casey

  3. how much you want for them?
    are they all together in one frame?

  4. Tim Westlake

    I have a remo drumskin signed by Buddy Rich when i seen him in Bristol,together with tickets and programs from the shows.All tastefully framed.I would sell them for no less than 5 grand.

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