The wizard guitarist (plectrist, rather) Matt Munisteri has a ferocious beat, is a cornucopia of new melodies, and is a demonic wit — in addition.  Here’s his latest gig-posting, worth reading even if you are going to be miles away on the dates he indicates here.  And if you can come to one or all of these gigs, so much the better . . . .


Peoples. There are musical rewards aplenty for folks who hang in town this coming Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday May 21st 10pm Barbes

For my first “Third Thursday” gig in two months, I’ll joined by Jon Dryden on piano and Tim Luntzel on bass. One very small part of Jon’s load of genius involves his rather incendiary (to me, to me at least) Floyd Cramer touch on 3-chord chestnuts, so I’m busy scheming.

Friday May 22nd 9pm Jalopy $12

SMECK! A Celebration of String Wizardry

Roy Smeck, “The Wizard of The Strings”, was a 1920’s and 30’s multi-string virtuoso and a vaudeville star, and I’ve recruited two of the most powerful string wizards I know, Doug Wamble and Charlie Burnham, to join me in conjuring the spirits of wizards past and future. All three have us have played with Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra, but I believe this will mark the first time we’ve ever trio-ed. The evening will begin with Alan Edelstein’s great ’86 Academy Award nominated film “Wizard of the Strings” – with an in person introduction by the auteur – followed by a selection of ultra-rare short films of various by-gone string virtuosi, curated by the mad archivist Russell Scholl. Then we’ll all take a deep breath (of something) and see just how much voodoo Doug, Charlie, and myself can summon with a heap of guitars, banjos and mandolins. And the blood of one dead chicken.

Sunday May 24th 8-11 The Ear Inn – Spring St, off Washington

The EarRegulars

Our leader and savior Jon Kellso will be absent this Sunday, but we’ll be blessed with a visitation of two of the baddest sorcerers-of-the-reeds, Evan Christopher, of New Orleans LA, and Scott Robinson, of Teaneck NJ. Also on hand will be Danton Boller, of Malcolm X Blvd., on bass. Be afraid. And get there early, to plant your booty firmly in a seat – there exists the distinct likelihood that such a lineup will, ahem, “turn this mother out”.

Later that same night, at 1am, (!), Evan, Danton, and I will be playing for a grand celebration in honor of what, up until April 27th 2009, would have been Frankie Manning’s 95th birthday. Actually, earlier that same day we’re playing a private event for the Sidney Bechet Society, but don’t worry; we’ll Man Up. Monday, I rest.

And, of course there’s always a “Law and Order” re-run on somewhere if you’d rather stay home. Yes, I’ve seen to that too. I seek only to keep you entertained.

7 responses to “MATT MUNISTERI SPEAKS!

  1. Matt is the king of gig-o-grams.
    In my world at least.
    Love his wit and style.

  2. At our wedding in Seattle, Matt was:

    Making aioli at 9:45am
    Washing salad greens at 10:50am
    Making charts for the band at 12:18pm
    Putting on a sharp suit at 1:45pm
    Playing the ceremony at 2:oopm
    Taking a break at 2:30pm
    Setting up the bandstand at 2:33pm
    Leading a band from 3:00-7:00pm
    Jamming with guests at 8:23pm
    Still Jamming with a smaller group of guests at 10:52pm
    Jamming with the few remaining guests at 11:30pm
    Breaking for Glenmorangie 12yr at 12:18am
    Jamming with some really drunk guests at 1:32am
    Still going strong after 2:00am

    In all this, I never noticed any demonic wit, but I was getting married, so I may not have been paying attention

  3. sigh… all that and aioli too… do I want to know what a plectrist is ?

  4. oh, I get it… a Plectric is a type of Grimshaw. I’ll be okay. just overly pianistic ; )

  5. A plectrist is one who plays a guitar or other such instrument that is played with a plectrum, or pick, if I understand correctly.

    I suppose a harpsichordist might qualify, in a stretch, since…aw, look it up if you care. Hehe.

  6. my mother has a harpsichord, but I generally leave it alone… will now be pawing about looking for pick-like pieces when I go home for T-giving : )

  7. This dialogue is taking on a deliciously surrealistic tone; next, I’ll have to post those rare YouTube videos of Sam Beckett and his Rabble Rousers playing the Teddy Bunn Songbook.

    Or . . . “Don’t pick at it. It will never heal,” said Dick McDonough.

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