Yes, Ewell had had a stroke some years earlier.  Neither of the pianos at the Manassas Jazz Festival was worthy of its artist.  But this video clip (thanks so much to my fellow YouTube poster — who also gave us the priceless clip of Vic Dickenson singing and playing ONE HOUR) is a wonderful rediscovery.  And Claude Hopkins’ band theme, I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, always seems to inspire.  Ewell and Wellstood — they would do anything for us.  My rating on YouTube?  “Awesome.” 

3 responses to “DON EWELL and DICK WELLSTOOD, 1981

  1. sam parkins

    I haven’t known Ewell, but anything Wellstood is sacred. The video ghosts are our friends aren’t they?…sp

  2. Bill Gallagher

    Pianos duos are not always twice the fun, but this pairing is definitely 1 + 1 = 4! It’s staggering to me that Wellstood an Ewell were on the same stage at the same time. Whatever people paid to see that was a bargain.

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