Jimmy Rowles was a wizard of light and shade, of wit and deep feeling at the piano.  I momentarily fell into one of my eBay reveries and considered bidding on this artifact (which seems to be less mutable than the recent “Arthur Tatum” sighting) but then thought, “What would I do with it?”  Perhaps the wiser act is merely to post it here so that everyone can admire it — without succumbing to the costly need to HAVE it.

Rowles autograph

And if you haven’t listened to Rowles recently, I urge you to do so — joking around with Billie and Artie Shapiro at a Clef rehearsal, with Ben, Lester, BG, Zoot, or Peggy Lee — inimitable and wholly himself.


  1. Took a shot at finding on CDNow (Amazon) a budget reissue of the Jimmy Rowles LP you spotted on eBay. (I’m guessing the eBay copy may go high because it’s autographed.) There is indeed an ’03 Japanese CD reissue, but it’s priced at $45.98 (thus much for beating the price). While I was nosing around the 77 Rowles listings, I found an ’02 Four Leaf Clover CD 2-fer featuring the pianist with the the great Swedish multireedist Arne Domnerus for $29.95. (Now that’s a bargain, so I bought one.) Finally, I did find you a copy of the Grandpaws LP, if you really want it, in M- condition for $16.95 on

  2. Many thanks for your energetic response! I have the Domnerus CD, and was primarily intrigued by the autograph — hadn’t seen a Rowles signature. When I had a substantial vinyl collection, I had had the Rowles lps — there were two — on the Choicce label — but prefer my Rowles solo or with bass only. The standard trio format didn’t always show him off as well. I wish that the Rowles lps I do have ended up on CD, but that’s just laziness on my part. Gratefully, Michael

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