This clipping comes from SONG HITS magazine — and thanks to “bunky’s pickle” (no kidding) on Flickr for making it available to us.  I’m amused by Basie’s apparent musical conservatism in 1947, but he was a gentle man who didn’t want to leave any one of his friends and peers off the list.

Do YOU have these records in your library?

Do YOU have these records in your library?

3 responses to “COUNT BASIE RECOMMENDS (April 11, 1947)

  1. I think the 8 standards listed on the right are offered by the magazine, rather than Basie’s selections… correct?

  2. You are probably right, Trevor — but I wonder, then, if the comments for each record on the right aren’t Basie’s. I assumed they were. In any case, I still think that his letter says a great deal — for now or for 1947. Cheers, Michael

  3. john c graham

    A bygone era…when jazz was popular music. Imagine that. Coleman Hawkins ~and a host of others from that time period~ still grab and hold my attention like they did the first time I heard them.

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