“HOT NUTS” (Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!)

One more example of the innocent-but-naughty ribaldry that made its way into American homes (or at least a lucky few households) in the Twenties by way of records and perhaps sheet music. 

True, this cheerful jazz group does slow down inexorably as the performance proceeds, but I would consider myself lucky to have the Eldorado Syncopators show up at my local bookstore.  (I would consider myself lucky to HAVE a local bookstore, but that lament is for another time and place.)  

This was recorded by SFRaeAnn on May 31, 2009, at North Light Books in Cotati, California.  And the hot heroes you see are Robert Young, saxes and vocal; Glenn Calkins, trombone and clarinet; Stan Greenberg, percussion; Steven Rose, sousaphone; Jim Young, tenor banjo; and Dave Frey, plectrum banjo.

One response to ““HOT NUTS” (Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!)

  1. sam parkins

    Only in Calfornia – and thanks to Turk Murphy. No other part of the country can really pull this stuff off so expertly; these guys are wonderful. Bechet lives on. And – may I ramble? Subject is still Turk. It’s mid-March 1955 at the Savoy in Boston and Turk follows my band there as we close after a long run – the Excalibur Jazz Band of blessed memory – so I just keep going in every night to dig the, for us, new sounds. Al Lion on tuba became my particular friend; we hung out every night and he explained stuff to me. These cats had REALLY listened to their King Oliver on back, and I was particularly impressed by the accuracy of Bob Helm, clarinet, playing in the old school – only slightly post-Alphonse Picou. He had listened so carefully to those beat up old 78s that he actually played with surface noise…sp (Al told me a plastic reed did it).

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