The answer to that question is, “I don’t think so!”  In this YouTube performance, trumpeter Duke Heitger and his father Ray (on clarinet) join the Classic Jazz Stompers at Xavier University’s Gallagher Theatre on May 4, 2008 — for a rousing, Louis-inspired reading of DINAH.  The Stompers are: Dave Greer, tenor guitar; Greg Dearth, alto sax; Erik Greiffenhagen, baritone sax; Jim Leslie, drums (playing on the rims); Chris Moore, cornet; Gordon Moore, trombone; Ted des Plantes, piano (not just piano but stride piano and hot vocalizing); Eric Sayre, bass.  They romp.  Bless them!

P.S.  Duke Heitger is coming to New York City next week — with gigs at Birdland (Wednesday, June 10) and the Ear Inn (June 14).  Sparks will fly!

One response to ““IS THERE ANYONE FINER?”

  1. WOW !!! for Duke Heitger. Zowie too…sam p

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