This afternoon, I was putting some disorderly books in order.  But this soon became less of a pastime, and when I encountered a paperback bio-discography of a versatile New York musician (who shall remain nameless) written by someone whose name was new to me, I took the opportunity to page through the discography. 

There I found a listing for this musician — a concert he had played with, among others, Joe Venuti — and a song that struck me as a curiously fertile re-working of an old Dixieland classic:


Who could argue with this bit of emphatic nomenclature?  The only thing that puzzles me is my tendency to imagine the scenario that led to this imaginative renaming.  Did the author mishear or misread the title; although he had solid jazz credentials, was the song new to him?  I can’t speculate — all I can do is enter it, with perennial admiration, into the Jazz Manglish Hall of Fame. 




  1. sam parkins

    “Tentative etymology”. Just say it a few times. Don’t it taste good? AND: Given the likelihood that green leaves are involved, and are perhaps 1) illegal, & 2) to be smoked, with a hoped for after-euphoria (that tastes pretty good too): Either it refers either flat out to the vegetation under discussion, OR – the fuzz planted the stuff in our car so they could bust us. It actually happened. The DA needed another headline; he was up for reelection. But the Boston Globe screwed him. Only a tiny mention in the Saturday paper. Any other questions?…Sam the Viper

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