I don’t think I ever heard an actual solo by the acoustic guitarist Huey Long on the recordings he made with Fletcher Henderson and Lil Armstrong, but no matter.  Guitarists then were expected to keep good time, move subtly from chord to chord, and blend with the band — which he did ably.  He comes to our notice today because of a long and detailed obituary in the New York Times.  What a wonderful long creative life he had!  Some of it, no doubt, is the result of character and genetics, but a good part must also be traced to the healing, energizing powers of the music we love.  Hail, Huey Long!

Here’s a link to his obituary: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/13/arts/music/13long.html

3 responses to “JAZZ SUSTAINS US

  1. Thanks for posting this. Amazing to hear about his life. His daughter has lovingly documented his life and career at the website:

  2. Knew Huey for 20 years mainly via the phone
    when he lived in the Bronx, and did attend 3 of
    his birthdays in Houston.

    He never recorded with Henderson, but lest we
    forget his work with Charles LaVere, 1935 in the
    purportedly first inter-racial ork. Also played
    with Jesse Stone in 1933- no recording, but did
    in 1947. Detailed his career on a 2 CD that I sell
    if anyone has interest.

  3. Dear Bill,

    I don’t ordinarily encourage my readers to use this blog to sell their wares, but a 2-CD set documenting the musical life of Huey Long is something I’d like to know more about. As would my readers, I’m sure! So consider yourself encouraged to post a comment here with the song titles, orchestras, price, and contact information. Thanks! (Anyone who mentions Charles LaVere is a true friend of mine.)

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