People who have never held an original 78 rpm recording from the great jazz past might not understand why these pictures are so exciting, but they are.  I’ve heard this music for almost forty years now, and I’ve got the digital versions on my iPod and on CDs, but when I saw these pictures of records for sale on eBay, I thought it would be worth sharing them with my readers:

KC 6 two

KC 6 one



4 responses to “LOVELY TO LOOK AT

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  2. That really is a beautiful photo and a heck of a group too.

    Rich Keith, GM
    Pure Jazz Radio

  3. I just stumbled upon this page and I’m playing them in the background now. Mine is only on 33rpm on Commodore Classics, but still a good recording. Buck Clayton, I’m sure I’ve got some of him playing with the Humphrey Littleton band somewhere … this could take some time.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Col 🙂

  4. Dear Colin,

    The Buck-and-Humph sessions were first issued on 2 records on Doug Dobell’s “77” label, called LE VRAI BUCK CLAYTON. And fairly recently they came out on a double-CD package (for the price of one!) thanks to Lake Records, with the same title. Cheers, Michael

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