I was very pleased to find Jazz Lives listed among the Jazz Блоги — that’s jazz blogs for the monolingual — on the Jazz in Kiev website:  Honored, in fact.  Now, will someone tell me how to say (and to pronounce properly), “Yeah, man!” in Russian?

7 responses to “VERY BIG IN KIEV!

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  2. Да, человек!

    Pronounced Да, человек!

  3. Nancie Beaven

    Thanks, Boris, I should have known……

  4. Boris, I knew you’d come through! Gratitudyna eternal, of course. . . .

  5. I will send this to Ljova, my viola playing Russian pal who plays like Stuff Smith, and get something phonetic. Stay tuned…sp

  6. Am contented in being of utility.

  7. Ljova, bless his big Russian heart, came through:

    “yeah, man” is pronounced as “da, Cel-lo-VECK”!
    you know.. like “cello, weck!” in German, i.e. “cello – out!”.

    Anyone who cares about the current seriously hip and right on world music should go to Ljova’s web-site…sam p

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