BG rehearses“The first radio broadcast to emanate from Camp Kilmer was heard over 193 stations of the Blue Network on March 15 (1945?) when the “Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands,” featuring Benny Goodman and his orchestra, came to camp.  Here the “King of Swing” and the rest of the show hold rehearsal on the stage of Theater 4, which had been equipped for radio broadcasting.”

I hadn’t known about any of this — but my friend, jazz scholar David Weiner, sent it along.  Now I also know that there’s a New York City office of the National Archives — a place to visit!

One response to “BENNY GOODMAN REHEARSES, 1945

  1. those with keen eyesight (it helps to enlarge the photo) will notice in plain view one of the prime motivations for the war mobilization.

    The two Coca_Cola coolers on either side of the stage overlooked by the saluting coke-head above announce the American corporate advance in to Europe and beyond.

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