This isn’t a posting about jazz, so purists are encouraged to turn over the leaf and choose another page . . .

But I have my computer set up near a large picture window in this country house we’ve rented in East Chatham, New York.  And although my usual state of absorption in what I am writing about is near-total, twice in the last few days I’ve been distracted — happily — by something orange fluttering outside the window in a stand of purple flowers.  The first flying insect I can’t identify; the second seems to be a wondrous butterfly. 

Simmer 2009 005


Simmer 2009 008The world is unfolding its beauty even while I’m writing about King Oliver!

7 responses to “AND WHEN I LOOKED UP . . .

  1. Glad you took time to smell the roses…

  2. The first is probably a hummingbird moth; 2nd indeed a ravishing butterfly. I lived in a house like that for half a lifetime – if you sit long enough by that window, who ever is running this joint will give you a hell of a show (if you’re there for a while put up small bird feeder) – AND – Chatham? There should be a Shaker Museum still there with inventions you wouldn’t believe they invented. Magic. ENJOY !!!…sam p

  3. I wonder if Oliver’s rendition of Sugar Blues would attract wasps?

  4. Well, I can’t say — but what about his version of SWEET LIKE THIS? I hear it creates quite a buzz . . .
    (You’re in fine form, Master McQuaid — lots of close reading makes such badinage possible, if not plausible. Regards to Miss AL, too.)

  5. Then there’s the Victor recording of Stingaree Blues…

  6. You win, Michael! What you want me to do? I’m watching the clock (and going to bed). See you on the other side!

  7. Dear MS-
    Sam P. is correct- The insect in the picture is the hummingbird moth. I, too, have many of them coming to the bee balm along with the bumble bees and they are fun to watch very close-up. They are so busy polinating one can get very close- close enough to feel the faint breeze they make with their wings. Just one more miracle from above! And I know you believe in miracles just like “I Believe In Miracles” as did Mr. Waller. Awesome photos- good enough for National Geo! I loved the “gifts” link of someone regurgitating from an upper window– reminded me of the distinguished pleasure I had of both Joe Thomas and Bobby Hackett doing the same into my automobile’s air condition system- Ain’t life grand? You bet Jazz lives! Ding, ding! mb

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