FATS, BABY, IVIE (on Ebay)

Ah, if I had mountains of disposable income, walls that yearned to be covered with people’s signatures, and didn’t mind turning my apartment into Ye Olde Hot Jazze Museum, what I couldn’t do on Ebay.  Exhibits 1, 2, and 3:

1.  Inscribed to Bud, circa 1939, this picture seems far too small to contain Mr. Waller.

2.  Someone was lucky enough to have this 78, a white fountain pen, and Baby Dodds in the same astral plane.

3.  On purple paper — delicate, like Miss Anderson herself.




Talismans, artifacts, relics, all — doing homage to the sacred dead.

5 responses to “FATS, BABY, IVIE (on Ebay)

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  2. The Old Music Master

    A link to the eBay auction, if you will.

  3. I didn’t put in the links because there are three separate auctions, so if you go to Ebay, type in “jazz autograph” in Entertainment Memorabilia, these three items will come up speedily. Also, of course, you could search the individual names. And there’s still time to place your bid!

  4. The Old Music Master

    Interesting to see that virtually all ofthe sutographs have no bids on them. Many are just pieces of paper with a signature on them.

  5. Stompy Jones

    Not jazz-related but an eBay-autograph story nonetheless: I once bought, for about three bucks on eBay, a hard-cover edition of Steve Allen’s “Funny People” (essays on various comedians). When it arrived I opened the front cover and saw the following hand-written inscription: “To Butch & Susan – Love, Steve Allen.”

    Thank you, Butch & Susan, whoever you are!

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