The most lasting art produces an immediate visceral delight, nearly overpowering. 

I could go on at length about why this version of IF DREAMS COME TRUE, recorded live at the 2009 Jazz at Chautauqua, is so intellectually satisfying: the conversational inventiveness of the players, the spirited, inventive soloing, the splendid pulse of the rhythm section, the unique sound of each player . . . but I have to leave my analytical self behind when this music begins.  I can’t watch this clip without jogging up and down, back and forth in my chair, in pure pleasure.

Blessings on Jon-Erik Kellso, Scott Robinson, Ehud Asherie, Andy Brown, and Arnie Kinsella.  May their porridge always be nicely flavored; may their pillows be fluffy but not too fluffy; may they always have reason to smile as they do here — because they spread joy generously.  How they rock!

5 responses to “THAT DREAM COMES TRUE!


  2. Well – lucky JzLvs and the folks at Chautauqua. This whole series is wonderful and thanks for sharing….sam p

  3. Rob Rothberg

    That goes for me as well. Great, off-the-beaten-track tune too — I think this is the first live version I’ve ever heard.

  4. Jon-Erik loves this song and plays it often. You’ll just have to make the trek to the Ear Inn and request it some Sunday night!

  5. One of my favorite tunes – Jon-Erik and Scott
    -what a duo!

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