It’s never too early to look at plane fares, to see how many euro you might have saved from the last trip — or to start a jazz piggy bank.  The 2010 Whitley Bay International Jazz Festival is on its way . . . !

It will begin with pianist / trombonist / singer Keith Nichols’s tribute to the Great British Dance Bands — a concert at the Sage Gateshead, a wonderful 1,800 seat hall — on Thursday evening, July 8.

Then the festival begins!  From Friday afternoon to Sunday night, July 9-11, the musical cornucopia (at the Village Newcastle, a comfortable hotel) will be overflowing.  I’ll let Mike Durham, trumpeter, occasional singer, arranger, collector of brass instruments — and Festival Director, tell you himself:

“The Festival’s title is “From New Orleans to the World – the Jazz Diaspora”.  Bands invited include the West End Jazz Band from Chicago, La Retaguardia Jazz Band from Santiago de Chile, The Late Hour Boys from Melbourne, Jeff Barnhart of Mystic, Connecticut, and the New Orleans Rascals from Osaka.  The European contingent includes the Red Hot Reedwarmers, Bent Persson, Frans Sjöström, the Bohém Ragtime Orchestra (Hungary), Papa Morel’s Hot Seven (France), South Side Serenaders (Switzerland), the Hot Antic Jazz Band (France), Chalumeau Serenaders (UK/Germany with Matthias Seuffert), Keith Nichols’ Blue Devils (10-piece orch), Martin Litton’s Red Hot Peppers (you won’t hear a more faithful recreation of 1926 Jelly), Spats Langham, New Century Ragtime Orchestra and Norman Field’s Novelty Recording Orchestra!”

9 responses to “WHITLEY BAY 2010 IS COMING!

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  2. Ooh! I wonder if I could make it to this! Your reports from this year had me intrigued.

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  4. Trevor, that’s why I alerted readers so far in advance. Maybe you could stow away in Michael McQuaid’s luggage? Seriously, it was worth every cent . . . and I hear that Mike Durham plans to make this his last last last ever festival. It would be just too bad to miss it . . . !

  5. I agree that Hall 1 of The Sage Gateshead is wonderful, but it’ll be a tight squeeze to seat 1,800 people as the maximum capacity is a more intimate 1,700.

  6. Dear Mandy,

    Thanks for the numerical correction. Now I’ll know! Cheers, MS

  7. Your website is still great Michael. We – Ron and I – are pleased to see Whitley Bay is on for 2010, and we plan to be there (me loaded with tapes). There is one thing though: we wish the Swiss Yerba Buena Jazz Band would be there too.

  8. I understand, Elin — although perhaps we’ll find some new band to revere! And being in the UK, you can make it your personal mission to become Yerba Buena groupies . . . I’ll miss being amazed by Rene Hagmann, though. Cheers and thanks for the kind words! MS

  9. I still haven’t paid for the last one. Is it really going to be the last last last festival???

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