One of my loyal readers, Trevor Hutchison, let me know that Michael McQuaid and a troupe of enthusiastic dancers had created a Cotton Club show — with several performances of Ellington songs posted on YouTube.  Here’s “East St. Louis Toodle-Oo,” performed in front of an audibly enthusiastic audience.  Shades of the Savoy Ballroom in the glory days!

For the record, the dancers in this clip are Cam Mitchell, Noni Clarke, Evan Hughes, and Francine Jeffery.  Other clips feature Andy Fodor, Shob Nambiar, Keith Hsuan, Shaz Callaghan, Anthony Wheaton, Sarah Farrelly, Harry Doan, Loz Yee and Nicole Smith.  Swing,you cats!

5 responses to ““ECHOES OF HARLEM” with MICHAEL McQUAID


  2. It was a great night, and a real pleasure to work with these fantastic dancers. There are some photos on our website:


  3. This is GREAT ! Plus Ellington is one of my all time favorite composers!! I am producing a Dance /Concert Tour and am in the early stage. Interested Sponsors, Dancers, Investors pls. contact James Comer (lovearts1@yahoo.com)

  4. This was a fantastic night and working with Michael and the Rhythm Makers is an experience that is second to none. They are simply AMAZING.

  5. Ah, more dances of the 30’s and 40’s done to music from the 20’s….Why?

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