43-30 46th STREET

I find this photograph of this commemorative plaque in Sunnyside, Queens (a New York City suburb) sad but also glorious: sad that Bix Beiderbecke lived so short a life, and that the plaque marks the building in which he died . . . but glorious in that his sound and spirit continue to inspire both listeners and musicians. 


Thanks to Albert Haim, patriarch and guiding spirit of the Bixography Forum, for sharing this with us, and for Dan Saltzstein, who took the photograph of the plaque for the New York Times.  And if the Times can break away from its contemplation of the present day, its failing ad revenues, and rumors of the death of print journalism to celebrate Bix — even in death — that’s a good thing.

3 responses to “43-30 46th STREET

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  2. Sunnyside is not, technically speaking, a suburb of New York City, but rather is part of the City of New York itself, and was at the time that Bix moved there. While it would have been less densely populated in Bix’s time, it was only a short subway ride from Grand Central in Midtown Manhattan.

  3. Hello Michael,
    Thanks for the kind words and the mention of the Bixography forum.
    It is quite remarkable that Bix got, not only a mention in the New York Times, but also a photograph, as well as high praise for his musicianship.
    Every year, on the Saturday nearest to Bix’s passing (Aug 6), a vigil is kept in the church yard adjacent to Bix’s last residence. Try it next year.

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