Deep thanks to my fellow jazz cinematographer, Flemming Thorbye — — who took his video camera to the Kulturhus Brønden, Brøndby Strand, Denmark, on October 25, 2009, to capture three songs by the Scandinavian Rhythm Boys with Joe Muranyi as their esteemed guest star.  The SRB consist of Robert Hansson, trumpet; Frans Sjostrom, bass sax; Ole Olsen, bass; Michael Bøving, banjo/vocal. 

Perhaps it’s their tempos, their choice of songs, their incredible feeling — but I felt as if Louis was everywhere on that stage.  Not that the players copied his solos — but his intensity and his eloquence.  See if you don’t feel it, too.

First, a stately NEW ORLEANS — even though Boving does his own version of Carmichael’s lyrics, the spirit resonates fervently:

Much beloved of Jimmie Noone and Nat Cole, SWEET LORRAINE:

Finally, a walking SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET:

Bless all of them for their willingness to show their feelings.  And what feelings they are!  Visit the SRB website to learn about the band, to hear performances, and to buy their CDs.  ( And bless Thorbye for sharing this very moving music.

2 responses to “THE SPIRIT OF LOUIS, 2009

  1. As someone who lived with NOLA Jazz from moment of Conception,I agree that Louis in in da house .As my dad would say to Louis I hope you live forever and I’ll never die
    I miss them both.
    last time the played together @ The Illikai with Trummy,I was in awe of the three of them.
    Yet along with recordings,movies,tv shoews.
    we have great players doing threr tribute to the founding fathers of the Cradle ofJazz
    Laissez le bon temps roulez
    Babette Ory

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