Many YouTube videos of jazz performances are exuberant hot music, nearly violent in their emotional effect. 

This tribute to Bix Beiderbecke’s early life, created by Mook Ryan, is something different.  It beautifully melds photographs of Bix’s early life with his composition FLASHES played by Chris Hopkins and Bernd Lhotzky.  And Mook’s video does what great art, deeply understood, should do.  Hearing the music and seeing the panorama, we celebrate Bix and mourn him.  Beautiful, triumphant, evocative, and sad. 

7 responses to “FLASHES of BIX / “FLASHES” for BIX

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  3. Lhotzky & Hopkins performance of “Flashes” comes from their duo album, “Tandem” (Echoes of Swing Productions) that I can heartly recommend.


  4. My previous comment is totally misleading: what I meant is that “Tandem” is a duo album, but it includes a couple of solo tracks: “Warm Valley” by Hopkins, and “FLASHES” by Bern Lhotzky.

  5. This is… there’s only one piano at this Youtube video: Lhotzky’s.

    (geez, it took me three comments to explain what I was trying to state)


  6. Dear Michael- You’re right- this is sad- so sad, Triumphant / Noble. Haunting. Leon Bix- eyes so intense… such a kind face. The picture with his mom(?)- my goodness. / Mook Ryan deserves a standing ovation. What an eye! Wonderful piano, too. Dill loved these pieces Flashes, Candlelights, In A Mist. So lovely I’ve watched this many times. Thank you. m

  7. Dear MB,

    If you go to YouTube and look up “Mook Ryan,” you’ll find she’s done ten of these — TEN! — and one is more beautiful and haunting than the next. She has a a painter’s eye, adapting the single scenes to the movement of a film. We are very lucky to have such a brilliant creator in our midst! MS

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