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Jazz scholar and friend David Schacker provided this news story.  All I thought was, “Where does this man’s doctor practice?  I want to be part of that medical group.  Perhaps (s)he can write me a prescription to ward off what I hear booming from the SUV in the next lane.”

Officer, That’s Not Jazz, I Say, It’s Felonious Junk!


Published: December 12, 2009

Is contemporary music grounds for arrest? An angry purist attending the Sigüenza Jazz Festival in Spain called the police last week to protest the appearance of the Larry Ochs Sax and Drumming Core, The Guardian of London reported. His doctor had told him that listening to anything but jazz was “psychologically inadvisable.” The Civil Guard showed up, armed, and passed the complaint along to a judge. The festival director, Ricardo Checa, told the newspaper El País that the jazz purist didn’t get a refund. “The question of what constitutes jazz and what does not is obviously a subjective one,” Mr. Checa said, “but not everything is New Orleans funeral music.”

I don’t ordinarily take an energetically exclusionary approach to art — people who say that THIS is our kind of music and THIS isn’t might be depriving themselves of delights — but in this case I wouldn’t mind accepting applications for members of my New York chapter of Angry Jazz Purists.  This being New York, though, perhaps our group would be Fast-Talking Sarcastic Jazz Purists With An Ironic Edge.  Anyone want to design our logo?

Thank you, David!

7 responses to “FELONIOUS JUNK!

  1. Sign me up, goddammit!

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  3. Wait, wait! I admire your ardor . . . but you still have to take the entrance examination. Here are a few sample questions for you to study. 1) How big was Big Sid? 2) What did Lester call Lady Day after 6 PM? 3) Will repeated listening to Louis’s BIG BUTTER AND EGG MAN raise or lower your cholesterol levels? 4) Where does the name “Stompy Jones” come from? 5) What IS this thing called Swing?

    Get back to me when you’re ready, please!

  4. I’d flunk your test miserably, but I’m still damned angry.

    I can only tell you where Stompy Jones comes from: Panama.

  5. You’ve already passed my test by refusing to take it — that’s the Emerson / Thoreau spirit we so admire. You can be Vice-President in charge of Righteous Anger; I want to nominate Kevin Dorn as VP in charge of THE BEAT. Other officers to be named as they submit their applications. But you’re in – – – like it or not!

  6. I think I know the answe to the “Big Sid” question… at least as far as Billie H told it…

    …But anyway, as a UK reader of the ‘Guardian’ (commonly known as the ‘Grauniad’ becuse of its typos), I noticed that story and blogged about it over at ‘Shiraz Socialist’: http://shirazsocialist.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/call-the-jazz-police/

    You will notice that I use it as an opportunity to give back-handed support to that old jazz reactionary (but brilliant writer) Philip Larkin, and link to a Youtube clip of one of Larkin’s favourite recordings: The Billy Banks Rythmakers 1932 “Bugle Call Rag”.

  7. Yes: amazing, surprising, stupid.. but true! My friend Pachi Tapiz, editor of Tomajazz, attended this concert. For those who can read Spanish, here’s his chronicle:

    Best regards,

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