Amazing picture; amazing autographs.

5 responses to “MISS HOLIDAY, MR. CATLETT

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  2. Amazing indeed, Michael.
    2 amazing people in the history of jazz personalities. What contributions!
    Well, I thought I would mention the crop marks on Miss Holiday’s photograph. Somehow, in a production shop (printing) or the photog studio (?) the person marking-up was moved to put the lower crop indication off to the right, not on her body. Dignified! Also (for me anyway) this mother photo shows her body language in the entire upper torso- hands, arms, elbows, wrists- and what an outfit! Whew! A photographer credit? Certainly an amazing picture, Michael! ty/mb

  3. Uwe Zänisch

    The picture was made in 1954 in Cologne, Germany at a concert with Buddy DeFranco, Red Norvo & Red Mitchell. There are more photos here from the same concert:


    No photographer credit found. Perhaps a local press photographer?

  4. Thanks Uwe- It was a trip viewing the many photographs of Billie. The frame showing her full length, side view (same concert) was particularly interesting. Regarding the table tent card with the autographs and a $3 minimum- what are those burn marks on one end? Hmmmm-

  5. Dear MB,
    Remember that everyone smoked in jazz clubs even in the Seventies . . . so I would say that a cigarette or something more interesting was involved, even a stray ash.

    Sherlock Holmes

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