The song is THE GIRL WITH THE LIGHT BLUE HAIR — I assume a play on THE MAID WITH THE FLAXEN HAIR — performed by Rollini, vibes and tubular bells (on which he demonstrates great dexterity), Allan Hanlon, guitar; George Hnida, bass.  It comes to us through the courtesy of “lindyhoppers” on YouTube, who is indebted to the late Tom Faber, Dutch discographer of Rollini.

Musically, I admit it wouldn’t be my first choice — Rollini on bass sax in 1934 is impressive although brief, and I’d rather have seen him in a hotter context.  But this will have to do until more of the real thing surfaces!

5 responses to “ADRIAN ROLLINI ON FILM, 1948

  1. Nice stuff with the great multiinstrumentalist Rollini, who made numerous records from the early 20s. He sure deserves to be remembered. Read more at Wikipedia. Rollini died in a tragic accident in 1956.

  2. Michael, your comment is probably about some other film? The one above has no bass sax on it. Also, the music was recorded in 1940 according to Rust, and issued on OKeh 5979. I have it on one of Bill Hebden’s reissues (Swing Time Productions 2010 – BUYER BEWARE OF OVER-PROCESSED SOUND), which also includes Dardanella and Digga Digga Do (both 1939), on which Rollini also plays the orchestra chimes; his solo on Digga is really hot.

  3. Apologies for ny end-of-post shorthand, Doug. An even more widely-viewed YouTube clip features the Fred Rich Orchestra from 1934, where Rollini plays the bass sax on TIGER RAG. That’s what I was referring to . . .

  4. Enrico Borsetti

    follow up to Doug Pomeroy:
    Brian Rust’s books helps to see what was going on in a recording studio but that’s all, nothing else. The posted film wasn’t of 1940 as per the OKeh disc you talked about (with Frank Victor, g / Harry Clark, sb) but shot in 1948, with Allan Hanlon on guitar and George Hnida on bass.

  5. Raymond Scott is supposedly the composer of this song but I think it had a previous life under a different name. Any ideas?

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