Spending too much time at the computer results in a stiff neck and eyestrain.

But these long obsessive hours in front of the monitor or laptop bring rewards I wouldn’t have imagined.  An eBay seller has found and is offering for sale ($400.00) the scrapbook or photograph album of a singer, Lucille Hall (or Lucille Halle) who worked on the West Coast with, among others, Leon Herriford, Charlie Echols and his Dixie Rhythm Kings, appeared alongside the Mills Brothers.  I had never heard of her, and doubt that many people have.

But the first picture in her scrapbook is a beautiful publicity shot of her playing trombone (which I can’t know for sure if she did) to the right of a wholly recognizable trombonist, one of my heroes, who spent some years in California, perhaps 1944-7.

It was worth the stiff neck and eyestrain to see this:

The little statuettes (jazz Oscars, more or less) are Vic’s Esquire Awards. 

The link to the eBay site is



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  2. I recognize the studio of Maceo B. Sheffield, photographer of important black celebrities in all fields. I’ll send you another photo from the same studio.

    Was he the same guy as Maceo Bruce Sheffield, an actor in race films?

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