Repeat after me:

Jon-Erik Kellso, Dan Levinson, Molly Ryan, Brad Kay, Brian Nalepka, Kevin Dorn, Jeff Healey.  Joining forces for one time only as DAN LEVINSON’S LOST CHORD SEEKERS.  (The quest was a success, as you will hear.)

Performing BLUE RIVER (with an impassioned vocal by Healey, on guitar) and I NEVER KNEW (woth a touching episode by Molly Ryan, Healey on trumpet). 

I was in the second row, drinking it all in.  (You can see me obsessively taking notes.) 

I didn’t know that this would be the only time I would see and hear Jeff Healey, and I’m thrilled that the video has surfaced on YouTube (courtesy of “lindyhoppers,” whom I’d like to be able to thank in person). 

For the love of jazz, hot, blue, and sweet, and for the people who play it, some of them now gone:

3 responses to “JEFF HEALEY: FOR DICK SUDHALTER (September 10, 2006)

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  2. Michael,
    Are you certain that it is you on the second row, taking notes?

  3. Quite certain, although what balding man knows exactly what the shiny back of his head looks like. . . . ! Somewhere I have the piece of paper from that benefit, from which I wrote a piece about the concert (which I sent to RMS, who said he liked it a great deal). Where were you sitting? And Rob? A hall full of people who should, under ideal circumstances, have known each other. Oh, well, NOW we do! Cheers, Michael

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