Thanks to Will Friedwald for redirecting me to this site: http://regalameestanoche.blogspot.com

I don’t know much about its Founder and Owner except that (s)he is wildly energetic, generous, and humorous.  Leaving aside for the moment the ethical considerations involved in downloading artists’ work for free, I will say only that this site is an enthusiastic collector’s cornucopia of pop music, classical, slack-key guitar . . . and did I mention jazz?  And since the blog-patron has set it up so that all the music can be downloaded for free in mp3 format, it is not the experience of staring at the eclairs through the window of the bakery: this bakery is always open and the eclairs of extraordinary quality, if you don’t mind the high-calorie metaphor.   

In the first ten minutes of my hyperventilating perusal and clicking, I downloaded a number of CDs I had been wanting badly — but not enough to pay exorbitant prices for.  Among them is the Chronological Classics Helen Humes (beginning in 1927 and including GARLIC BLUES) and the Classics Richard M. Jones, ending with the four 12″ sides he did for the Session label in 1944. 

If you couldn’t find something thrilling to listen to on this site, I would be surprised.

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