Daily Archives: January 26, 2010


Thanks to Enrico Borsetti, who pointed me in this direction, here are two versions of FROM MONDAY ON by the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra.  The first, a loose improvisation on the theme at a leisurely tempo, was recorded in May 26, 2008 and performed by a small contingent — it’s halfway between a rehearsal and a jam session, a most rewarding creation!  (Life backstage, a pleasure.) 

The members of the “Originální Pražský Synkopický Orchestr” here are Pavel Klikar (leader, trumpet, mellophone),Tomáš Černý and Jakub Šnýdl (clarinets), Jan Šimůnek (violinophone), Petr Wajsar and Tony Šturma (guitar), Jiří Šícha a Zbyněk Dobrohruška (banjo), Ondřej Landa (bass). 

This more elaborately formal version, a beautiful production number, adds a vocal trio, a violin trio, a chorus line of beauties, a bit of visual comedy, and the contributions of Ondrej Havelka — also recorded in 2008.  Although the purists have had their heated say, it gives me a taste of what a 1928 stage show might have been like.