Found on eBay!  I see Eddie, Pee Wee, Bobby Hackett, George Wettling, Bud Freeman, Wild Bill Davison, George Brunis, and other brilliant stars shining in the jazz firmament or simply sitting in on a Tuesday night at the club. 

Lions and tigers and jazzmen, oh my! 

And others with sharper vision will identify the clarinet trio, I know.

And, for those sensitive to semantics, the item title was ORIGINAL JAZZ PHOTO PEE WEE RUSSELL AUTOGRAPH BIG BAND — which would have horrified both Condon and Russell, among others. 

The photograph is labeled with the name of the club and its address — as well as the telephone number: GRamercy 3-8736.  I wonder who answers that telephone now.

P.S.  For better or worse, I was outbid on eBay, thus I am feeling mixed disappointment and financial relief.  I console myself by thinking that the new owner must love it as much as I do. 

It’s a holy picture in my religion.


  1. Sorry you missed this buy MS!
    I see it is dedicated “to Pat.”
    Briefly- I was a wide eyed 17 year old when I made my first solo foray into NYC from Farmingdale. In my ’47 Buick- headed straight to EC’s. Anyone remember the surround balcony (?) where this shot was taken from.
    The waiters there never asked me for ID. I can’t make out the other 2 clarinetists (help!) On one of those jam nights Cozy Cole sat in and took an extended solo- smiling all the while. Oh my!
    I saw George, Cliff and Buzzy playing there. Sat in with Steve Lacy and Ralph one intermission. Fond memories- see what a picture will do?

  2. John M.Johnstone

    I am Coming up to 73years of age (15thMarch 2010).My first Eddie Condon record was “Jammin’ At Condon’s”(which I still have),a much treasured LP! I was lucky enough to see Eddie,with his All Stars,in 1957,when they toured Britain.I saw them at Sheffield Town Hall,and I can still visualise the scene now,as if it was yesterday(which unfortunately it wasn’t! God bless you Eddie,for the wonderful music you and friend’s played.Love to Maggie.

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